Artist Statement

Through my work I like to share my fascination for natural phenomena. I’m inspired by the beauty of invisible processes which surround us in our daily lives and my aim is to open them up and make them perceivable through sound and image.

My work deals with various phenomena like electrochemistry, thermodynamics, electricity and electromagnetism. To explore those phenomena, I like to develop my own media from scratch, which includes the use of materials and techniques of different disciplines like visual arts, music, chemistry and physics. Mostly I start with making simple science experiments, which I then enlarge and amplify in sound. Important is the openness of the construction: you see what happens. Also during performances the sound and image are connected: the manipulations of the performer with the material or the instruments correspond to the sounds you hear. Both audience and the performer are witness of the control of the performer and the unpredictability of the material.

I’m currently doing a research on electromagnetism, for which I develop different electromagnetic detectors with a focus on the sculptural element of the antennas. Looking back into the history of radio technology at the end of the 19th century, in the time where the first wireless transmissions were made, where the beauty of this technology were still visible in the apparatus, but also the time in which the these first communication apparatus still had a kind of magic around it, as if they carried the voices of dead spirits or supernatural forces.