Radiesthetics Workshop

Explore the invisible phenomena around you and build your own wearable antenna receiver which can detect elektromagnetic fields and make them audible through electronic sounds.

In this hands on workshop we’ll start off with an introduction on electromagnetism and history of sound devices, costumes and processions, to give you some inspiration for your piece. Then you will build a little amplifier, which consists of an electronic circuit with a chip and a couple of electric components. This is a necessary part of the receiver, to amplify the signals deriving from the antenna, which will be build in the last part of the workshop. Every participant can choose their own materials and design, which leads to a unique sound for everyone.

The Radiesthetics workshop is developed in collaboration with Patrizia Ruthensteiner as a side-branch of  ‘Magnetoceptia‘, a series of performances and installations based on wearable electro(magnetic)instruments.

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Graphite Synthesizer Workshop

Can you see sounds or hear images? In this workshop you will build your own electronic instrument with which you can make music by drawing. Suitable for adults and children.

After a short introduction on some basic principles of sound and electronics and a speed course on the history of electronic music, everyone will build their own little ‘graphite synthesizer’. A graphite synthesizer makes your drawing pencil into an electronic instrument.  You can now draw sounds or translate drawings into sound. At the end of the workshop the participants are invited to make a little composition together.

The Graphite synthesizer workshop is developed in collaboration with Jeroen Uyttendaele.

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Proefjeslab (Science Experiments Lab) is an interactive show where children can do science experiments. During the shows they experience everyday phenomena from physics, chemistry, and biology in an extraordinary way.

A show contains magnified versions of experiments from the website It has a capacity of 20 children of age 6 to 12. Parents and supervisors are welcome to watch the show with their children.

Previous shows were at Carnivale in The Hague, North Sea Jazz Kids in Rotterdam, and Mooi Weer Spelen in Delft, The Netherlands.

Proefjeslab was created by Dewi de Vree and Arno Verweij. It is an initiative of Stichting Proefjes.

For more information, photos and bookings, check the Proefjeslab website or send an email to

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