Elektrolab is a series of electrical music performances and installations based on electrochemical principles.

The set-up of Elektrolab is based on the first battery, invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800. By making an ‘open’ battery in which the different elements are taken apart, enlarged and amplified, we show the process of generating electricity.

A device of which many are hidden in the portable machines around us, is opened up and the beauty of this natural phenomenon is made visible. Most electronic machines and computer systems nowadays lack the tactile, sensory impressions that we experience in the rest of our daily surroundings.

With ‘Elektrolab’, different sound interfaces are developed in which various parameters of electronic sounds can be controlled by the manipulation of different chemical reactions.’Elektrolab’ emphasizes the sensual perception and the physical control of invisible processes.

The project is a collaboration with Rachida Ziani.

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