‘Ground’ is an audiovisual performance in which graphite drawings are used as control interface for several electronic instruments. Graphite is a conductor for electricity. By using it as a variable resistor (instead of a standard knob) the pitch, amplitude and sound color of sound generators can be controlled. In this way Ground offers a field of possibilities in which auditive and visual elements are interconnected. Drawing, erasing, touching and slowly or rapidly (re)positioning the instruments on the drawing have a direct auditive result. Live electronic music becomes an explicitly tangible and open practice. The audience is a witness of the tension between the control of the performers and the rawness of the material.

‘Ground’ is a collaboration between Dewi de Vree and Jeroen Uyttendaele.

“The conductive properties of graphite have been used by sound artists in different ways […] but there is a different combination of the available elements that can be put into practice – one even more sensorially engaging […] J.Uyttendaele and D. de Vree, go on to explore the performative aspect of this medium” –Neural #54

“… twee kunstenaars die weliswaar geboeid zijn door het geluid, maar minstens zo’n aandacht hebben voor de visuele kant van het werk. De  tekeningen van lijnen, hele en halve cirkels, rauwe grafiek, hebben een esthetische waarde op zichzelf en daarmee is het boek al mooi om telkens door te bladeren”. -Robert Muis, Gonzo (circus)

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