‘Re: set’ is an artistic research project by Donia Jourabchi (BE) and Dewi de Vree (NL) and is developed during several working periods at Platform Residency in Vaasa, Finland in 2017 and 2018.

‘Reset’ stands for ‘adjust’, ‘starting anew’, ‘restoring to zero’. In the context of this project it stands for the reduction of stimuli from the senses. ‘Resetting the senses’, which is conducive to meditative state and lets us become aware of the slightest details and changes of the sensory input we receive from the environment. This ‘nothingness’ is the starting point from which this project emerges.

Making use of the specific atmospheric conditions of the location, the artists developed different experiments that explored the sensory qualities of physical phenomena placed into a new context of an exhibition setting.

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