Dewi de Vree


2006/ 2010: ArtScience, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2003/ 2006: VAV Audiovisual department, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam




  • Modes of Motion, a performance with self made instruments using thermo-acoustic principles



  • Re:Set, an artistic research project focussing on sound in relation to atmospheric phenomena in collaboration with Donia Jourabchi (BE)



  • Magnetoceptia“, a series of antena-based costumes for installation and performance, collaboration with Patrizia Ruthensteiner.



  • Hole and Corner”, a series of site responding interventions which resonate the specific acoustics of different abandoned places. The project is a collaboration with Donia Jourabchi.
  • Radiesthetics”, an ongoing project with a series of sound performances using self made electromagnetic receivers inspired by early radio technology



  • Arago’s Wheel”, an experimental electronic sound performance with self made electronic and electromagnetic instruments, dismembered phonographs and self made vinyl, a collaboration with DJ Urine



  • Ground”, a series of musical performances using graphite drawings as control interface for electronic music, collaboration with Jeroen Uyttendaele



  • Thermokoppel”, live sound performance which deals with the relation between temperature and the acoustic properties of metal, collaboration with Rachida Ziani.



  • Elektrolab”, series of sound installations and performances based on electrochemical principles, collaboration with Rachida Ziani.
  • “Marron”, or: “The impossibility of making coffee in the morning in the mind of somebody who just woke up.” Installation, collaboration with Rachida Ziani, Mark Doorduin, Gaspard Bos, Oscar Bakker.



  • “Interventions”, video made in Carrarra (Italie) together with Rachida Ziani, Willem Waterschoot, Thijs Elich, Jelle Goossens.
  • “Little individuals I”, installatie with pluisjes
  • “Little individuals II”, installatie with zandkorrels
  • “Volta”, electrochemical soundinterface



  • “Shooting audio”, multidisciplinairy performance, 21/22 september 2DaysArtFestival The Hague
  • “Lijnen”, video
  • “Emergence”, Paper- and clay installation
  • “Graphite Cirquits”, soundperformance using graphite as a conductor for sound. Graphite, soundgenerators, speakers, collaboration with Jeroen Uyttendaele



  • “Audio Momentum”, interactive soundinstallation, 29/30 september Open dag De Bunker
  • “Natural composition”, sound installation with glass and ice. 27 januari Open dag Kabk, 29/30 september Open dag De Bunker
  • “Quatrepieds allegro in C-mineur”, composition by 2 rats, 29/30 september Open dag De Bunker
  • “Timbre”, 3D-animation
  • “Coloursqueak”, colourscanner
  • “Cymatics”, soundinstallation with milk and speakers



  • “Mantra”, composition for piano
  • “Violently Happy”, remix, orig. track Bjork
  • “Di Ponte Della Liberta”, graphic partiture for piano
  • “Cause and effect”, performance with metal plate and sand
  • “Onzichtbare structuren”, graphic partiture and performance, collaboration with Janneke van der Putten



  • “Birth”, graphic partiture
  • “Insect”, sound installation, paper, plaster, metal, cotton
  • “Map of sound”, graphic partiture for electronic music
  • “Birth”, soundcomposition
  • “Paradijs”, painting, acrylic on paper